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About Us

Specialized in Evaluation
and Treatment

ABA therapy provides a broad range of evaluations and treatment services for infants, children and young adults throughout the metro area. Our facilities are equipped to provide you with everything you’ll need to succeed. Our payment options will allow you to handle our reasonable therapy expenses in a flexible, graduated manner and we are an in-network provider for many insurance providers.

  • Our dedicated staff is ready to provide person-centered and individualized therapy and offer evidence-based treatment methods. Our therapists are fully licensed and work together to create powerful treatment strategies for each client we serve. This unique trans-disciplinary team approach allows us to provide them with the skills they need to succeed.

Our Mission

To listen to the families of autism that enter our doors. No child, nor family, nor their collective story is the same, and we want to know yours. In knowing you and your child on an individual level, we can meet your child where they are at in their journey, attending to their distinct needs. What we do, we do for you.

Our Vision

To help you and your child lead loving, wholesome, and interdependent lives. We want your child to live independently into adulthood and to properly socially integrate with friends, peers, and partners,–ever-thankful to have had the loving help from you.

Our Values


We respect the diversity and cultural differences of our patients and take into account the many multidimensional aspects of their lives thus we provide services that reflect the context of patients’ health-related behaviors and needs, and to do so in a sensitive and caring manner.


We embrace and uphold these attributes throughout our practice of service as our patients’ well being is foremost in the minds and hearts of everyone associated with Community Counseling Center.


Moral and ethicrust their wellness to our professional care and expect to be treated, and to receive treatment,al principles are a stronghold in our daily practice and in delivery of services. Our patients ent in a manner that honors professional codes and standards.


Solicitation and prudent utilization of resources is essential 
to providing effectual behavioral healthcare to our patients.


Offering a high level of empathy enhances trust and the quality of care that our patients deserve.